Nina Dobrev Looks MAGICAL AT Disney World!!!

This definitely will be an entry into Nina Dobrev‘s vampire diary.

The actor visited Disney World with her gal pals. From the pictures that she shared, we’re guessing she had a freakin’ blast!

But of course who wouldn’t have at blast at DISNEY WORLD!!!

Here’s what she said on Twitter:

“@EmWatson cant wait to see you @ TIFF next wknd for the PERKS premiere! In the meantime,Im going to Harry Potter World,ill be thinkin of ya! Laser doesn’t work for everyone, and hair plugs eventually fall out. Blurg!”

Wow, we definitely only could decipher about half of that message, still we absolutely LOVE her enthusiasm!!!

A talented girl in a magical kingdom.

What’s not to love???

Ch-ch-check out more pictures of her travels (below) !!!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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